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Give Your Curb Appeal a Boost

Your house might have looked beautiful when you first moved in, but constant exposure to the elements has left your siding looking run-down and unappealing. You can make restoring its curb appeal easy by calling LoConte Painting for light carpentry and exterior painting services.

We can repaint all of your outdoor surfaces, including your deck, porch, fence, stairs, shutters, siding, doors, railings and columns. If you want to make changes, we'll use your choice of color for each individual area. If you just want your house to look newer, we can match your existing colors.

Set up siding, deck or fence painting services in North Andover, North Reading or Beverly, MA by contacting us today.

3 reasons to repaint your home's exterior

The paint that covers your exterior is even more important than the paint inside. Consider exterior painting services because...

  1. Quality exterior paint provides an extra layer of protection against pests and the elements, helping your surfaces last longer.
  2. Painting wood surfaces can help prevent rot, saving you money on expensive repairs down the road.
  3. You'll increase your home's curb appeal and the value of your home if you ever intend to sell it.

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